IMPORTANT: During this high influx period we are experiencing longer than usual handling/shipping times (5-7 Days) with many areas in the fulfilment chain (including postal services, borders and customs) increasing their quality control due to the Corona Virus.

The standard shipping times are as follows:

Standard Free Shipping (US): 12-15 Business Days
Standard Free Shipping (Rest Of World): 14-17 Business Days

Express Shipping (US): 6-8 Business Days
Express Shipping (Rest Of World): 6-8 Business Days

Note: This is excluding handling times

It is worth noting that aside from delays caused by the overwhelming international demand for preventative masks, the Corona Virus causes delays and issues of its own. As a result of these, masks are being sold out in stores, and retailers who have access to manufacturers are selling them for exorbitant prices several multiples above the actual value.